Rust & Paint Removal

We carry out glass bead, low pressure garnet and aluminium oxide blasting to remove rust, scale, burrs and paint, to provide a uniform matte finish for projects large and small. We are a DCC Approved Contractor for medium/high work and can carry out specialised jobs like helicopter engine frame blasting. Below are some examples of the things we have been asked to do. Contact us if you aren’t sure if blasting is the appropriate solution for you!

  • Aircraft, Trains, Cars & Motorbikes
  • Buildings & Swimming Pools
  • Iron Gates, Chandeliers & More
  • Vintage Toys

Aircraft, Trains, Cars & Motorbikes

Vespa rust and paint removal:

General rust removal:

Restoration of Taieri Gorge Train:

Cessna engine frame:

Car parts:

Buildings & Swimming Pools

Old paint and plaster removal:

Swimming pool restoration:

Iron Gates, Chandeliers & More

Vintage Toys

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